White Collar Fraud & Crime

Our white collar crime & fraud investigation practice covers:

  • Corporate finance
  • Collection, preservation & certification & analysis of evidence to unravel facts & lovate people involved
  • Assistance to Indian firms to customize bribery and anti-corruption policy as per Indian 7 international regulations
  • Examination & establishment of compliance policies
  • Conduction of training & awareness programs
  • Liaison with both internal & external agencies to extend end-to-end management of security breach & fraud incidents
  • Detection, risk mitigation and incident management
  • Liaison with both internal & external agencies to mitigate strategically reputation damage and unwarranted publicity
  • Preparation of an organization or a company’s response to an incident
  • Implementation of procedures to take care of in-house incidents in near future
  • Litigation support in civil and criminal proceedings
  • Representation in internal investigation as well as criminal & enforcement matters which are initiated by government.