Our practice area in tax affairs covers:

  • Advising clients on all aspects of taxation-
    • Direct & indirect
    • Transfer pricing issues
    • Treaty interpretation
  • Extending comprehensive range of tax advice on-
    • In-bound & out-bound investments
    • Preparing of transaction via tax favorable jurisdiction which is most compatible to such transaction
  • Attaining Advance Tax Rulings
  • Representing clients in Litigations & Tax Appeals at all foras across India
  • Extending consultation on transactions that are undertaken by Indian residents with foreign entities
  • Coordinating with foreign counsels on part of our clients
  • Drafting tax-pertinent provisions in varied offer documents
  • Extending industry-specific tax advice
  • Assisting clients in globalization their operations
  • Conducting Tax & Legal Due Diligence for clients in regards to merger, acquisition, takeover and other types of restructuring & arrangements