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Corporate law, infamously known as company law is one of the key-operation area of DASLEGAL, principally deals with legal advise including litigation with respect to regulatory issues, corporate and Government affairs. In the
manner of expertise, DASLEGAL has gained vast experience in dealing with companies and corporations of all sizes, catering to regular corporate activities by complying to our clients as a support for smooth functioning to achieve their potentials. Naturally these quality experiences has made DASLEGAL one of the most sought after law firm nation wide.

In terms of cross jurisdictional languages of corporate laws, our firm associates actively partcipate in the current wave of compliances and regulatory developments. They also play a pivotal role in large scale transactions,
executing key processes such as due diligence, negotiating agreements, and checking of relevant finances.

As for the contract lawyers they take extra caution and ensure that there is compliance of rules by the corporations while keeping records relating to employment, policies taxes and regulatory matters. Assisting the clientele for matters regarding the issuance of security, advise on litigation and tax is also the duly fulfilled by the associates..

1. Our Relevancy

  • An amicable route is taken by our lawyers to provide solution for the complicity faced by our clients.
  • Many industries including Steel, Jute Industries, Real Estate and FMCG have resolved their disputes through our able lawyers who have greatly helped establish and grow the industries in the country.

2. Key Areas Of Focus

  • Providing protection against fraudulent measures by business houses to brand their products or misuse of intellectual property.
  • Protecting the rights of an employee especially in times of medical strife in conflicts with poor health.
  • Debt restructure, syndicate lending, acquisition.
  • Advise provided for real estate project undertaking by the companies and on joint ventures and property acquisition.

3. Important Corporate Acts

  • Companies Act 1956 – Introduced in the year 1956, The Companies Act is an act to amend and consolidate the laws relating to company.
  • Companies Act 1980 – An act to prohibit the alteration of articles of association which restricts foreign interests in certain companies unless sanctioned by the government.
  • Companies Act 2013 – This Act further amended that no company shall appoint any individual as a director, if that individual does not have Director Identification Number (DIN) under section 266(B).
  • Competition Act of 2002 – This act promotes sustainable competition market and prohibits in the competition business tactics.
  • Foreign Trade Act 1992 – An act for the development and regulations of foreign trade by facilitating imports into, and augmenting exports from India.
  • The Securities and Exchange Board of India Act 1992 – An act to provide for the establishment of a Board to protect the interests of investors in security and to promote the development of, and to regulate, the securities

4. Objectives

  • To revise the revenue by ensuring compliances in a time bound mannerf for our clients and their consumer regulations.
  • To render legal advice which includes drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements, intellectual properties and others.
  • To advise various multiplex corporate arrangements relating to evolution for a high end personal lender and financial institutions.

5. Why Choose Us?

  • Professional team spirit- At DASLEGAL we engage in team efforts and contributions and absolute transparency while dealing with our clients for to ensure highest level of management and support for the most complex situations.
  • Quality vested interests- The corporate team of DASLEGAL has provided tailor made interpretations regarding policy related issues and solved them legally as per the requirements of the clients.
  • Client as a first priority- DASLEGAL believes that a client is the apex of all decisions relating to delivery of service, loyalty and advocacy in a cost effective manner as per the legal parameters under the arena of law.
    We also secure the trust of our clients by maintaining client secrecy and keeping the transparency bound while leaving no stone unturned for them in the interest of their objectives.
  • Cost effective – We always accommodate clients a cost fee structure and maintain absolute transparency of the statutory expenses which are built separately for our clients. Furthermore, We believe that nothing reinforces
    a professional relationship more than the delivery of the best legal service and the reasonable fees to adjusted to needs of our clients.

Corporate law is a state of external and internal legal matters, merger and acquisition of companies and how shareholders, stakeholders, consumers and other parties involved in transactions interact with each other simultaneously through corporate governance and externally through commercial transactions.

  • Law of contracts
  • Company Law
  • Financial market regulations
  • Security Law
  • Corporate dispute resolution
  • Competition laws
  • Labour law

DASLEGAL practices in the arena of business law and corporate law while providing assistance to their clients in the following fields :

  • Ensuring compliance with the laws of the country
  • Assisting and arranging the drafting of business contracts.
  • Dealing with labour issues litigation and intellectual property rights, taxes and patent filing procedure.
  • Buying and selling and restructuring the businesses.

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