Real Estate Law

Our real estate practice area covers:

Land Laws

We extend consultation on all matters related to general regulations and laws regarding properties and land in India. The firm also offers assistance with negotiation, draft, settlement as well as finalization of agreements pertinent to transfer and sale of interest in properties and land by way of exchange, gift, conveyance, release, mortgage and assignment.

Title Investigations

We conduct elaborate title investigations and searches including due diligence of immovable property.

Construction & Development

The firm assists in property development and redevelopment as well as in all matters pertaining to TDR (Transfer of Development Rights), FSI (Floor Space Index) licenses & approvals, conveyancing and assignments. We further advise on all matters related to development regulations and help out with ways to reduce inherent risks which might affect transactions in the realty sector.

Hotels, Resorts & Tourism

Our seasoned attorneys are backed by extensive experience in the legal affairs related to the tourism sector of the country. We extend advise on management & development of our tourism sector, resorts, hotels and clubs.

Succession & Inheritance

Our extensive understanding of personal laws in the country enables us to extend sound advice to our clients on all inheritance & devolution matters.