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Human Resource Management has the key and pivotal role in strengthening employee relationship and it helps to work with each other as well as managing the peer relationships can significantly improve company culture. Our team of professionals have been advising our clients on various regulations relating to labour and employment laws to ensure with our clients should not face any difficulties or litigations with respect to employees. They have assisted and advised our clients on compliances, taxation and regulatory issues relating to management and employee rights and looking after the evolution of experience and the change of techniques in the management and work culture. The HR team has also provided support in complying all the labour issues on behalf of our clients. This includes, employment compliance laws, acquisitions, outsourcing, data protection, international work force relations, litigations and risk management.

Focus areas :-

  • Recruitment – We assist by preparing documents for appointing and terminating employees. Furthermore, we also advise our clients from time-to- time regarding as well as the time of termination so they don’t face much difficulty. We also cater our service in a comprehensive manner to safeguard our clients from any untoward situations.
  • Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Act (POSH)- We provide conclave legal solutions to protect and prserve the rights of the victims which have been breached in this act.
  • Factories Act 1948 – Our team do assist and advise our clients on the labour issues for numerous compliances or for any regulations relating to working conditions and to train the employees to adhere the pre-requisite conditions under the Factories Act to avoid legal disputes. Our team also assist and advise on legal consequences that are protected on the relationship between employee and employer in day to day business decisions and we also support the implementation of basic rights and interests of the workers and the rules and regulations of the basic amenities to be provided under the provision of the said act.
  • Employees benefits – Our team assist and formulate and draft a fully employee compliant policies for our clients to safeguard the interest of our client under the stipulated law and enables productivity and place a discipline retinue at the clients disposal. Our team also assist to draft and settle the benefits under the Employees Provident Fund Act 1947.
  • Advice on termination and superannuation – Our team assists with drafts for termination and/or retirement plans for the employees of our client in compliance to all regulations and also provide support at every step in the event of any dispute and also not limited to that. Our team provides a Round O Clock assistance in any matter regarding termination and superannuation. Our team also assists our client for compliance with legal requirements for final settlement and pension and gratuity payments.

Labour laws act as the backbone of human resource management. It fights for the rights of the employees and the labourers working with the company. Thus, without the engagement of labour law, there is no human resource management. There is no validity for the human resource management without abiding the labour laws.

They comply with Employment and Labour Laws in India. They do so by drafting all labour related documentations such as letter of offer, employment agreemnet, employment manuals etc.

For employing the best HRs in employment and practice areas, DASLEGAL is recognized and trusted as one of the most dependable law firm throughout India. DASLEGAL has a leverage in terms of being exposed to an extensive industry experience in India. Amidst the ever evolving dyanamic labour law ecosystem in India, DASLEGAL with their dedicated team of professionals constantly strive to stay relevant to the amended laws and compliances, landmark judgement, industry trends and labour acts in India.

Our team of professionals are proficient and experienced in advising clients on the plethora of regulations relating to labour and employment laws in India which needs to be complied with by start-ups, and companies looking for an opportunity to do business in India. They have aided the international clients on numerous occasions by moulding their global HR and employment policies to meet the Indian legal and industry standards and requirements to ensure that such subsidiaries or companies are completely compliant with the HR, employment and labour laws in India.

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