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Commercial Law is relevant for the day to day aspects of running a business and is one of the priority aspects of DAS LEGAL where we primarily deal with the litigation and legal advisory to our clients with respect to trade, commercial transactions, and business deals. As a leading commercial law firm in Kolkata, we support our client in the smooth running of all aspects of their business and we have an exemplary record of advising our clients in commercial transactions which has a pivotal role in thriving of their businesses. Our associates have a commendable experience and knowledge of commercial law which includes consumer law, contract law, intellectual property law, international trade and labour employment laws. With such experience and variety of resources, DAS LEGAL can be a trusted guide for dealing with commercial transactions.

1. Our focus in commercial litigation-

  • Contracts of business
  • Sale of goods
  • Banking and insurance
  • Finances
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Taxation
  • Partnership

2. Speciality in Commercial Laws-

  • Our team of highly skilled corporate lawyers, drawing from our extensive expertise and industry exposure, consistently strives to find mutually agreeable resolutions for our clients, even in the face of intricate challenges.
  • Our associates have provided guidance and counsel to numerous clients, encompassing a range of industries such as steel, real estate, jute, FMCG, and more. They have successfully assisted these businesses in resolving their commercial disputes and have been instrumental in supporting their overall operations within the country.

3. Commercial Litigation includes the following-

  • Contract Laws- They seek to regulate the formation and enforcement of contract. It states out the essential elements of a valid contract and the remedies available to parties in the case of breach of contract.
  • Business Regulations – This set of laws covers Government Rules and Regulations for business organisation, Factories, Trade Union and Labour, Corporate Law.
  • Corporate Law- These laws deal with information management and termination of corporations. It states out legal provisions for issues such as election of directors, raising of capital, preventions of insider trading, distribution of dividends, redemption of shares, merger and acquisition.
  • Intellectual Property Laws- This is an umbrella law that provides for patenting of inventions and copyrighting of creative works.
  • Tax Laws- Tax Laws cover the government levy of direct and indirect taxes of business transactions. Primary type of taxes include income, sales, excise, gift, capital gain and profit distribution taxes.

4. Commercial dispute resolution-

Our commercial law firm in Kolkata offers number of options for dispute resolution depending upon the type of violations. The most common remedies for commercial disputes are-

  • Compensation- Monetary compensation for losses incurred recession of contract, injunction and other equitable remedies, mediation, reconciliation and arbitration.
  • Filing a law suit- We handle complex commercial dispute and carry out extensive research on case laws to strengthen our client’s legal position for filing of law suit and or defending a law suit on behalf of our clients.

Commercial law is the area of the law that encourages the orderly handing of business affairs, making it easier to regulate commercial operations in accordance with recognise legal business and offers a means of resolving conflicts amicably.

Given below are the key types of commercial law-

  • Contract law
  • IPR
  • Property law
  • Business regulations
  • Corporate law
  • Uniform commercial code
  • Tax law

DASLEGAL practice in the arena of commercial law and corporate law and has been providing assistance to the clients in the following fields;

  • Assisting in commercial litigation and business law,
  • Protecting clients’ interests by providing independent advise, enable the client the best decisions about how to run their business and where to invest their money. It enables the clients to take smart decisions in order to avoid litigation and or legal complications.
  • It enables client to update about the latest position of commercial law to ensure our client about all possibilities and to make them understand it all in simple terms. It also enable to the client to understand and explain different approaches and interpretations and nuisance in a dispute litigation and commercial litigation case, while client might have people in house who can scratch the surface of such situation but a commercial lawyer can make sure that the client can understand every details so that they can put their business in the best possible position. To determine and to decide whether bringing about a litigation case is the right choice for the client can be treaty and thus it avoid potentially wasting time and money or even taken a hit to the client’s business reputations.

Prevent problems before they arise, as a commercial law firms helps the clients to avoid problems, instead of waiting until they are created to do something about them. Rather than spending time putting out fires, the client can focus on getting things right the first time. With expert legal advice client can avoid making mistakes that get them in trouble and DASLEGAL offers advice on how to ensure the rights of their clients are protected and also ensure contracts as in top priority so that the client must get the best investment decisions.

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