Media and Entertainment

Motion Pictures & Television

Our seasoned attorneys advise & negotiate for content development related to acquisition of existent copyright works such as plays, films etc. format licensing and format adaptations. We work as commercial-legal production counsels focused on preparing, advising & negotiating deals for different production & distribution models, for syndication & licensing of content for international and domestic film distribution across various media platforms in both established & rising markets.

Music & celebrity management

We take up a commercial-legal role on behalf of dome of the top acting talents in India for their respective brand endorsements. Our purview of service also extends to our esteemed clients’ participation as hosts and participants in films and TV reality shows.

Talent & celebrity management & brand endorsements

We extend expert legal support regarding advice & negotiation, license & distribution of musical content, including that of movies- via varied physical media & digital portals. We also advise on signing of international music stars for live shows and other different professional engagements in India.

Internet & digital media

We extend advise & negotiation for production of original content that is commissioned in the country by international video service portals as well as license & distribution of the content via digital platforms.


We advise & negotiate on part of authors for book publishing.

IP Rights management for IP monetization

Due Diligence

We advise on script & content clearance involving conduction of due diligences for determining IP ownerships & issues.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise advertising firms on sale of business to international multinational corporations.