Corporate and Commercial Law

Our corporate & commercial practice area covers:

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • We extend expert consultation on legal affairs related to mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and demergers for almost all kinds of industry sectors.

Private equity

  • We extend legal consultation at every stage – from fund setup to the whole funding cycle (seed capital, first round & down round funding)- we assist our clients in every stage.
  • We provide advice on exits, including secondary sales and public offerings
  • We extend consultation to venture capitalists, private equity houses, family offices, founders & management.

Corporate Recovery

  • We extend expert legal advice on every facet of reconstructions, rescues, receiverships, liquidations and administration.
  • We offer consultation to investors & creditors on matters related to security enforcement & debt recovery strategies.


  • We provide complete assistance to clients on all legal matters as they operate, regulate as well as scale up their businesses. We also help them in the management of their existent commercial relationships, alliance formation & expansion to new markets.
  • We adviser our clients on distribution & agency issues, manufacturing, public private partnerships, outsourcing, event management affairs as well as regulatory matters.

Capital Markets

Our seasoned attorneys help clients with best legal advice on all affairs related to Initial Public Offerings, Takeovers, American Depository Receipts, Global Depository Receipts, Foreign Currency Convertible Bond, External Commercial Borrowing, Domestic Debt Issues & secondary issues across diverse industry sectors.