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With the team of best lawyers in Kolkata, we serve a wide array of clients – both nationally and internationally. Our services extend to businesses as well as individuals seeking legal assistance. Our commitment lies in delivering tailored legal solutions that are effective and client-centric. With DAS LEGAL by your side, you have a reliable partner to guide you through the legal complexities.

DAS LEGAL is considered one of the best law firms in Kolkata and is renowned for comprehensive legal services. Entering the world of justice our respected legal experts, known for their knowledge, apprehension and sharp skills, create exceptional legal advice designed specifically for our discerning clients. Our experienced legal experts provide personalized and exceptional legal counsel to meet the specific needs of our esteemed clients in the realm of justice.

As one of the best law firms in Kolkata, at DAS LEGAL we handle all kinds of legal matters ranging from family laws to corporate governance, we take care of things like protecting creative ideas, dealing with property laws, and even marital disputes where our team of skilled lawyers navigate the legal realm with unparalleled professionalism and efficiency.

Getting proper legal advice is no longer a nightmare with the best lawyer in Kolkata. Our team of associates always keeps themselves updated with all the changes in the legal industry. Before proceeding with a case, they always dip into the depths of that case. So they can proceed in the right way and produce satisfactory results. Our team also consists of the top civil lawyers in Kolkata who can easily deal with any civil case with their expertise and utmost care.


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At DASLEGAL, we specialize in a broad spectrum of legal practices:



Inquiry to

Elucidate your legal concerns with us in lucid terms. We will ask you a series of questions to fully understand the scope and specifics of the case in hand.


Submission for

Next, you need to provide us with all relevant documents regarded as stipulated requisites. This step is crucial for us to verify your eligibility and gain a comprehensive understanding of your legal standing.



We will then assist you in compiling and completing all necessary paperwork. Our team will ensure that every form, application, or document is filled out correctly and in line with the legal requirements.


Review and

Finally, we will conduct a thorough review of all the paperwork and legal procedures. Once everything is in order, we will finalize the process, setting you up for success in your legal journey.

Why Choose Us?

We have a unique approach that is rooted in a deep understanding of our practice areas, technical acumen, and a commitment to exceptional service delivery. This allows us to provide accurate, reliable, timely, and cost-effective advice across a diverse range of industry groups and sectors. Our associates comprise of the best lawyers in Kolkata adheres to this ethos, ensuring that our client’s needs always take precedence.

We at DAS LEGAL ADVOCATES can help you in your civil litigation. Our skilled set of lawyers have vast experience in various civil matters, we understand the complexities involved in civil law and have the goals to serve our clients with full contentment.

Our firm has a policy of providing speedy and efficacious relief in a cost-effective manner as a result we have managed to emerge as the top civil lawyer in Kolkata.

We have a team of the best criminal lawyers in Kolkata, who have vast experience in handling various criminal cases. We have a meticulous and goal-oriented approach and have managed to achieve success in various criminal matters. Our deep experience and honest advice to our clients are something that helps us to build long-lasting relations with clients.

As the best criminal lawyer in Kolkata, we have been serving various clients for a long time. During our journey, we have handled various cases and earned worthy knowledge through them. So whether it is a simple case or a complex one, we can handle it with precise perfection. We always aim to provide the best services to our clients, so they can get the proper legal solutions from us. Our knowledge and experience always guide us to proceed in the right direction and achieve success.


Our Team

Our team at DASLEGAL comprises seasoned legal professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. We work together to provide personalized and effective legal solutions tailored to your unique needs



While it might seem that an accountant can handle the incorporation documents and necessary filings, it’s crucial to engage a legal expert for this process. Lawyers ensure that all essential clauses are drafted correctly, protecting the company from potential penalties and safeguarding their rights.

Hiring a lawyer at the conception stage of a business has multiple benefits. Businesses often have to deal with various matters such as contractual disputes, property disputes, and environmental disputes.To prevent these disputes from arising, the services of a lawyer prove essential.

A lawyer can provide invaluable assistance when setting up a business in India. They can help with the incorporation process, advise on regulatory compliance, draft contracts, and represent the business in any legal proceedings. Their knowledge of Indian law can help ensure the business is set up correctly and operates within the law.

The involvement of a lawyer in managing contractual disputes is crucial. Lawyers assume various responsibilities, including interpreting contract terms, providing advice on optimal strategies, and representing the business in legal proceedings. Their specialized knowledge and skills are instrumental in averting expensive litigation and safeguarding the business’s interests.

Lawyers play a pivotal role in property disputes by providing in-depth expertise and guidance. They analyze cases, develop strong legal arguments, and facilitate negotiations. Their advice on risks and options empowers clients to make informed decisions, ensuring the protection of their rights throughout the dispute resolution process.

Legal counsel is crucial for environmental disputes in business. Lawyers can help businesses understand their legal obligations, represent them in court, and advise on compliance with environmental regulations. Their expertise can help businesses navigate complex environmental laws and avoid potential penalties.

When seeking investment or funding for your business, you typically need to provide certain documentation. This may include a thorough business plan that outlines your goals, financial projections, and market analysis. You may need to furnish financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements. You will also need legal documents related to your business, such as licenses or permits.

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